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Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle

We at Creative Fountain Expressive Therapies are starting a once a month women’s circle. 

Circles are a wonderful way to connect with others in a safe and confidential environment.  Participants are able to tell their stories, share feelings, emotions, the good times and the sometimes tough times, and to listen with compassion to others sharing their stories.

The last couple of years have been pretty tough and being surrounded by others wanting to share experiences can often give clarity and substance to our own personal journey.

So if you would like to connect with other like minded women come and join us in a small serene, nurturing environment that will comfortably hold 8 participants with social distancing. 

For further information and booking please contact Denise at [email protected] or call on 0400 969 809.

** If you would like to join a circle but days are not possible for you – please share your interest with us at [email protected] as we would love to create an evening circle with lovely like-minded others.

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