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About Expressive Therapies

What is Expressive Therapies?

Expressive Therapies is a self-discovery approach to counselling that encourages awareness and change from within. It involves more than ‘just talking about the problem’ and provides the opportunity for real and lasting change.

This experiential and holistic approach empowers people of any age, by using a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as Sandplay Therapy and Symbol work, music, meditation and expressive drawing or writing. It can be a more gentle approach to therapy and one does not need to be creative, musical or artistic for it to be beneficial.

The body and the sub-conscious mind can store and hold on to many traumas or belief systems that can be detrimental to moving forward in life easily. Expressive Therapies is a way of discovering and unlocking these traumas and beliefs in a safe environment, by helping to deal with emotional attachment that is held in the body.

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